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FREE Day at the Huntington Gardens

I always love to see beautiful gardens, and especially beautiful gardens by the dozens all in one location. And I love afternoon tea. So when I found out about the amazing Huntington Gardens near Pasadena, I asked my mom to take me. But the tickets are pretty pricey. Add in afternoon tea (which is a […]

The Crème de la Crème Fashion Summer Camp

The French words “crème de la crème” literally “cream of the cream”….and that is exactly what this summer camp is when it comes to fashion. One of the best summer camps I’ve attended (and I’ve attended quite a few) in Los Angeles is at the Unincorporated Life near downtown LA. During each week of camp, […]

Yes! A Kids Gardening Workbook

The Gardening Workbook PLUS Plant Science & Nutrition For Kids, Families and Classrooms is perfect if you want to plan, create, and maintain a small container garden. Plus you can learn about the circle of life through plant science, do fun and creative projects with many materials found around the house or from a fun […]

The Best Key Lime Pie EVER! Seriously.

Okay, I am a fan of key lime pie and when I wanted to make pie last week, key lime pie came to mind. After a quick Google search, I found a recipe that has just a 4 ingredients and is the best tasting key lime pie ever. Plus it only takes 10 minutes in […]

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