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16 October

Super Mario Brothers Action Figures Set

Who doesn’t love new and classic Mario Bros on the Nintendo?! These Super Mario Brothers Action Figurines are so cute for playing out Mario Brothers scenes in person. With a whopping 18 pieces, it’s hard not to have fun setting up obstacle courses for all your dolls and toys while they dodge and defeat all the classic bad guys. The only issue is that you have to buy Bowser separately, but Princess, Turtle, Mushroom, Orangutan, Yoshi, and of course Mario…

15 January

Robot Factory Tours

Fun, fun, fun!

02 July

Geometry of Dinosaur Skin! has just unveiled a brand-new Pixar in a Box lesson for you to try out – learn to create your own dinosaur skin!  Their “Patterns,” lessons explores the math and art behind the creation of realistic dinosaur skin for Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur.” Super cool.

28 June

Get Addicted to Captain Sparklez!

Captain Sparklez is a guy who makes Minecraft adventure maps. In case you don’t know what a Minecraft adventure map is, it is a game in Minecraft that someone else created. Captain Sparklez plays those games and tries to solve it. A really good one is called The Abandon Village. Watch it on his youtube channel!

23 May

How to make lots of potatoes out of one!

Oh No!  You’re making a veggie soup and you need 5 potatoes and you only have one!  How are you ever going to finish the soup?  But then you glance at the newspaper and it says how to make many potatoes out of one and you get right to work. First you have to get a large planting pot and fill with good soil.  Then place your potato into it about six inches deep.  In about a week or so,…