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Super Mario Brothers Action Figures Set

Who doesn’t love new and classic Mario Bros on the Nintendo?! These Super Mario Brothers Action Figurines are so cute for playing out Mario Brothers scenes in person. With a whopping 18 pieces, it’s hard not to have fun setting up obstacle courses for all your dolls and toys while they dodge and defeat all […]

Geometry of Dinosaur Skin! has just unveiled a brand-new Pixar in a Box lesson for you to try out – learn to create your own dinosaur skin!  Their “Patterns,” lessons explores the math and art behind the creation of realistic dinosaur skin for Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur.” Super cool.

Get Addicted to Captain Sparklez!

Captain Sparklez is a guy who makes Minecraft adventure maps. In case you don’t know what a Minecraft adventure map is, it is a game in Minecraft that someone else created. Captain Sparklez plays those games and tries to solve it. A really good one is called The Abandon Village. Watch it on his youtube channel!

How to make lots of potatoes out of one!

Oh No!  You’re making a veggie soup and you need 5 potatoes and you only have one!  How are you ever going to finish the soup?  But then you glance at the newspaper and it says how to make many potatoes out of one and you get right to work. First you have to get […]

Code With Lightbot

If you want a fun, educational app, try downloading the Lightbot app.  Lightbot is an app where you learn how to code one step at a time.  If you don’t understand what you learned on one level, you can always go back. Plus you can search youtube for videos that show you how to solve […]

DIY Awesome LED Lit Robot Pop-Up Card

Pop-up cards are all the rage.  So craft a paper circuit pop up card with a cycling RGB LED, battery, and copper tape. It’s a super simple paper circuit that costs just a few bucks to make and the folks at SparkFun walk you through the entire process. Check it out!

One Day Summer Camp Painting Classes

Last year both Mischa and I did a handful of summer camp “one day classes” at PAINT:LAB in Santa Monica and had a great time. We learned a cool painting technique each day and took home our masterpieces the same day. Summer camp is for ages 6-12 (they have a teen camp too for ages […]

Do You Like Country Music?

If you like country music or want to learn line dancing (why not?), get your family on board to head to the ShipKicker Music Festival on the Queen Mary on Saturday, June 4th. Easton Corbin headlines the festival that will also feature multiple top country artists including Clare Dunn, Dylan Scott, Scotty Mac Band, Honey County and […]

Learn To Code & Put A Website Up!

Codeacademy is such a great website.  They have many courses but they have two in particular that enable you to learn how to code a website and another course that shows you how to put it up so the rest of the world can see it.  Check them out. From Codeacademy: Course: Make a Website […]

GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit

GoldieBlox is the latest inspirational super-hero engineering girl. And since my dad is a lead mechanical engineer for NASA at JPL, I suppose it was obvious that I would be the recipient of some GoldieBlox items sooner than later. Sure enough, it happened not too long ago when I was given the GoldieBlox and the […]

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