Come Play With Miss Frit Episodes

LOL Surprise Dolls Pop-Up Shop

The LOL dolls find a pop-up shop, and when one LOL comes to shop, she can’t find a certain dress she really wants. Suddenly, it rains cats and dogs and all have to take cover.

Spy Squad at the Super Agents International Secret Spy Agency

Barbie and her friends are at gymnastics practice, and Aunt Zoe is there to cheer them on. After practice, she shows them the Spy Squad agency and introduces them to her boss Agent Dunbar.

Cat Cafe

Barbie, Chelsea and Nikki visit the Cat Cafe and get to hang out with cute, fluffy, friendly little cats.

Community Toy Exchange

Aneee and Elseee decide that they’ve had enough of certain toys in their room and come up with the idea that they’re going to do a community toy exchange.

Chicken Sitting

Myah needs help watching her chickens while she is on vacation next week and friends Amira and Bella learn to become chicken sitters!!!

Dentist Office

Annee and Elseee arrive at the dentist and are nervous about their appointments. Annee goes first and all is perfect! Then it’s Elsee’s turn….

Pet Adoptions

Tia and Amira are on a playdate and pop by the Adopt Don’t Shop adoption fair to get a new pet for Tia.

Barbie Sisters Camping!

Barbie, Chelsea, Skipper, and Stacy take a sisters only camping trip!

Farmer’s Market & Playground

Barbie takes Chelsea on a playdate with a friend and pops by a farmer’s market stand before heading to the playground.

Annee’s Birthday Party

Barbie takes Disney 6” Petite Frozen favorite Elsee (Elsa) to the local Bake Shop to talk to Skipper and order a custom cake for Annee’s (Anna) surprise birthday celebration.

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