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Come Play With Miss Frit! Never miss an episode. Because that would be silly! We teach your kids ages 4-7 how to play with dolls along with fun DIY projects! They solve problems and have fun learning new things with fun, engaging stories on custom made sets with awesome props. Watch new and vintage Barbie & her sisters Chelsea, Skipper; Mattel's Kelly and Tommy from the Kelly Club; Disney 6" Petite Frozen Princess favorites Elsee and her mom Elise (Elsa) and Anee and her mom Anne (Anna); Amira and her mom Jasmine from Aladdin; Tia with her mom Tiana from Princess and the Frog; Ally and her mom Ariel from the Little Mermaid; Bella and her mom Belle from Beauty and the Beast; Shang and Lanie and her mom Mulan, Elaine and her mom Elena Princess of Avalor; Rapunzel from Tangled; Myah and her mom Moana; Merida from Brave; Snow White, Cinderella; and of course LOL Surprise Dolls; OMG Dolls; Kermit, Miss Piggy, Big Bird, Gonzo, Elmo and other fan favorites from Sesame Street and the Muppets; Fancy Nancy; My Little Pony (MLP) new and vintage, and others from your favorite TV shows, movies & books like Spy Squad, Where The Wild Things Are, Cat In The Hat & If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Miss Frit was created by rad kids in Southern California. Miss Frit is a rad “triangle dog” who is open and eager to learn and try new things and invites all kids to discover all the cool things she tried and found for them! The bird is the word. And Miss Frit is it! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:

Miss Piggy’s Manners Class

Miss Piggy is the guest at school for lessons in manners. She uses all her friends including Big Bird, Gonzo and his Penguin, Oscar the Grouch, Abby Cadabby, and Kermit the Frog, to showcase various lessons in manners.

Barbie TV Goat Yoga

The Center for Enriched Goat Yoga is opening and Barbie TV is onsite reporting live when a school group comes to join a yoga session. They all learn all about the art of the trendy goat yoga.

Art Class Guest Teacher

The kids come back to the classroom after lunch for art time with Barbie the art teacher. They see ice cream sundaes when the teacher announces that a special guest is coming to teach art – Mr. Acodopolis, aka Prince D from Trolls!

Science Special Guest

Science Barbie comes to teach Barbie’s class chemistry! She teaches them about matter, and how to make slime.

New Swimming Pool!

Annee and Elsee enjoy the pool at the new house. When Anne orders food and it gets delivered, the girls eat and they had a great time!

Hair Traditions

Annee and Elsee are woken up early for a family tradition they never knew about – Aunt Patty Meemaw’s Hair Salon!

LOL Surprise Dolls Bake & Share Lemon Bars

LOL dolls get a recipe and make lemon bars together and share them with friends!

Barbie Beach Cleanup

Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea get to the beach for a beach clean-up event.

Fall LOL Surprise Doll Party

Awesome LOL Surreal Bebe is throwing a fall party for her friends.

Barbie Fashionistas School Tour & Fashion Show

The Fashionistas are working on their fashion show in the studio. Young fashionistas tour the fashion school, and the kids are invited to go to the fashion show that evening.

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