Miss Frit

23 May

How to make lots of potatoes out of one!

Oh No!  You’re making a veggie soup and you need 5 potatoes and you only have one!  How are you ever going to finish the soup?  But then you glance at the newspaper and it says how to make many potatoes out of one and you get right to work.

First you have to get a large planting pot and fill with good soil.  Then place your potato into it about six inches deep.  In about a week or so, you’ll start to see the eyes of the potato start to have new green stems.  These stems are the sprouts of a new potato.  In a couple more weeks you’ll notice little balls.  These are your little potatoes!  In about two months total time you can pull them out and use them for soup or replant them so the new potatoes can reproduce too!  I think the veggie soup is going to be del-ish-ous!  Even if I had to wait two months for it!

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