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07 May

Yes! A Kids Gardening Workbook

The Gardening Workbook PLUS Plant Science & Nutrition For Kids, Families and Classrooms is perfect if you want to plan, create, and maintain a small container garden. Plus you can learn about the circle of life through plant science, do fun and creative projects with many materials found around the house or from a fun hunt outside, use fun creative writing prompts to write neat stories, and jumble your brain with fun challenging questions that make you super smart!

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The Gardening Workbook PLUS Plant Science & Nutrition: For Kids, Families and Classrooms

From the author:

Can you imagine a world without plants and trees?

It would be impossible for us to live without plants and trees as they provide us with the necessary oxygen that all humans and animals need to breathe. And since the beginning of time, the fruits, leaves, seeds, roots, and other parts of plants and trees have been used by humans and other animals for food, shelter and medicine. They provide us with nourishment, joy, and connect us to other people and our environment.

The Gardening Workbook PLUS Plant Science & Nutrition For Kids, Families and Classrooms provides 32 fun and cohesive lessons about gardening, plant science, and nutrition for children in grades 2 through 6. Each lesson guides children in creating, maintaining and measuring individual container gardens and includes coordinated projects, creative writing prompts, and fun challenging questions that help their minds to grow stronger.

And unlike typical handouts at school that get disposed of, stashed away, or lost from week to week, this workbook was created in hopes that each child would be able to receive their own copy. This means each child can have the opportunity to reflect on lessons over and over again and be inspired and empowered to maintain their container gardens as well as create fun, low to no cost crafts from basic materials during the months when school is out.

1 – Planning For a Year-Round Garden
2 – Planting Seeds – Germination
3 – Container Gardening
4 – Regeneration: Regrown Gardening
5 – Garden Maintenance
6 – Gardening Benefits
7 – Garden Safety
8 – Garden Tools
9 – Healthy Soil & Mulch
10 – Compost
11 – Ecosystems
12 – Biodiversity
13 – Threats to Biodiversity
14 – Photosynthesis
15 – Consumption
16 – Decomposition
17 – All About Seeds
18 – Flowering Plant Life Cycle
19 – Plant Parts & Function
20 – Pollination
21 – Birds
22 – Bees
23 – Butterflies
24 – Snails
25 – Worms
26 – Garden Pests
27 – Spores & Fungi
28 – Harvest Time & Preserving Food
29 – Types of Plants
30 – Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition
31 – Food Geography
32 – GMO: Genetically Modified Organisms

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